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Menus for two to too many!
Stations.....Buffet......Family-style.....Small Plates.....Plated Seated Served
Our menus can be adjusted to create the most appropriate food to offer your guests.
  Chef Serafin will be glad to make substitutions, suggestions or create an entirely new menu.
All of our meals are prepared with fresh &/or basic ingredients.
Our menu items are based on Chef Serafin's knowledge & experience in the fine-dining industry &  ownership of a traditional French restaurant which he converted to a more modern menu with a fusion concept & a twist of nouveau cuisine, as well as a wine bar.

Our clients tell us our food is Five-star!  When you select a meal to serve your guests, whether it is just two of you or everyone you have ever known, there will be enough food to satiate all your guests with most parties having leftovers which we containerize & give to you.  Should you want to speak with Chef Serafin, let us know and he will be more than happy to contact you and plan the menu, presentation, guest flow and anything else you wish to discuss with respect to your event.   

Emerald Coast Catering is fully licensed with the
Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations.
ECC is inspected regularly by the State Health Department.
ECC carries Event Liability Insurance for all of our events.
ECC is a member in good standing of the International Caterers Association
& many charitable organizations in our area.
Whichever catering company you choose, make certain they are licensed & insured.

Shrimp & Mushroom Skewers from the Grill Station




Food Service Styles can set the tone for an affair...

     We offer six food service styles for the main meal:
  • Stations
  • Plated Buffet
  • Self-Serve Buffet
  • Family-Style
  • Small Plates
  • Seated-Plated-Served

    Food Service Styles also determine the amount of seating needed for dining.

  •  Stations do not require a chair at a table for each guest.  This service style promotes guest flow, interaction in a convivial atmosphere. We recommend some dining tables & chairs with the addition of tall cocktail tables on which your guests can "lite" to nibble on some food from a station and then off to another station.  For larger parties we also offer "grazing" tables which are longer tables for more guests to stand, eat, converse & move on to the next station. Some stations are attended by a chef and some are self-serve, depending on the food for that particular station.

  • Buffets require a chair for each guest at a dining table.  It is a  more traditional food service allowing for tables of guests to interact over dinner, seeking other guests after the meal during the dance.  Older guests may feel more comfortable with this style.  For a more formal dinner, we recommend place cards or table cards for your guests.  With the addition of more chairs and tables comes the additional linens and centerpieces, items to be considered in your party budget.  Plated Buffet Style is our typical form for a buffet and has your guests on one side of the food tables with our staff serving their portions on the other side.  This allows for a nice presentation of the meal with plenty of food for seconds.  Self-serve Buffet Style is just that and conveys a more casual atmosphere with the possibility of less staff required, depending on other aspects of your event

  • Family-Style promotes conversation at individual tables and is a nice format for two families to become acquainted.  This "boarding house" or "grandmother's table" format requires a chair at a dining table for every guest.  Dishes of food are placed on the table and passed around by the diners.  Servers bring the hot food to the table and refill bowls or platters as needed.  Beverages are generally pre-set at the table, such as water or iced tea, with the possibilities of bottles of wine placed on the table as well.  Tables can be set elegantly with fine linens and centerpieces or it can be served on picnic tables to capture an atmosphere of familiarity.

  • Small Plates but Big Bites is what we call it.  The portions are not meant to be shared between diners as in Tapas, but are not as large as a traditional buffet either.  The idea is a concentration of flavors for each course or plate with an interaction between guests and servers for information about the food.  It is fun and can be paired with wines suited to each course.  It also allows for a "far out" course in terms of flavor, as there are enough small plate courses so a guest will  not "go hungry" if they do not care for a particular course.  Make it fun, try some really different tastes!  Dining tables & chairs are not required for this service style.  Often we utilize this style in a rental home that does not have the space to accommodate tables & chairs.  It is also good for inclement weather because more guests can be served inside without the use of a tent.  This cuts back on furniture rental, linens and centerpieces but requires a full staff to pass the small plates out to your guests.  It also promotes conversation among all of your guests, as they can move around while enjoying our wonderful food.

  • Seated-Plated-Served is exactly that; your guests each have a place at a dining table draped in linen and with a centerpiece.  It is generally pre-set with glassware, flatware, chargers, napkins and possibly the first course.  Typically each guest has assigned seating as indicated by the Place Card Table.  It is considered more formal than most styles, but this can be lightened up with a more casual selection of linens and centerpieces.  It is a good way to make certain that families or bridal parties sit together, or you can mix it up with your choice of seat assignment.  It also requires a full staff in order to provide adequate service.